They said it couldn’t be done. They said it probably shouldn’t be done. But, they did it anyway. That’s right, a full-loop vertical waterslide is finally here. Mountain Creek Waterpark AKA Action Park, in New Jersey, home of the world’s first looping waterslide, the Cannonball Loop, is unveiling the much-safer cousin to its 1980s dangerous counterpart. It’s called the Sky Turtle. And it’s absolute insanity.

After successful test runs, it was officially unveiled in the summer of 2016. According to the L.A. Times “Over 100 test runs have been conducted at the 90-foot-tall prototype slide built in Carthage, Missouri.”


Nick Diamond Photography

Riders are encased in an aluminum alloy-framed pod.


Sky Turtle

Then barrel down a heart-pounding, butt-clenching 90-degree vertical loop:

Two words: Challenge accepted.